Learn Keto with Coach Kim - Small Group Coaching in the Senza App

Learn Keto with Coach Kim - Small Group Coaching in the Senza App

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Hit the reset button and turn your health around this September with our new four-week program designed for keto beginners. Coach Kim will teach you how to get into the state of ketosis by keeping things simple with nutritious fresh foods. Participants will learn to set a realistic goal and receive daily tips, recipes, dos and don'ts, and small group coaching for motivation - all through Senza, our mobile app for iOS and Android that's purpose-built to support keto and fasting.

Whether you are trying keto for the first time or returning to this way of eating after a break, you'll gain insight and support to get on the right track and maximize the results of your lifestyle change. Class size is limited; sign up by August 20th to grab a spot.

What's included

  • Daily tips and suggested keto-friendly foods to eat
  • Weekly check-in with a certified keto and intermittent fasting coach via email, text, or through the Senza app
  • Weekly virtual group meeting for questions and accountability 
  • Information and guidance on topics such as: meal prep, eating out, intermittent fasting, how/when to test ketones, getting back to keto, and what to expect when adding exercise into the mix

    How it works

    • Purchase your spot in the September class on this page.
    • Look for a welcome email and a link to our Keto Questionnaire.
    • Check your Senza feed for a coach activation message and next steps.
    • Resources will be provided the week of August 22 and the class begins September 1.

      Contact planetketo@senza.us to learn more about this and other health coaching services.