Keto curious? Now is the time!

If you've been curious about keto, now is the perfect time to start. COVID-19 already has flipped your world upside down. You're not eating out. You have no social obligations, no cafeteria lunches. This actually is the best moment imaginable to create The New You! 

How should you begin? For most people, the hardest part is planning meals. This admittedly takes some practice. Here are a few tips from our team, plus a sneak-peak at a new Power Shopper service we're launching in Utah next month:






"Start to plan your meals if you want to improve your health."

At first, just focus on what you'll eat for the next two days, instead of trying to map out an entire week. Keep it simple, and be realistic about how much cooking you're prepared to do. You can pre-log meals in your journal to see how the nutrition adds up, then make adjustments before you eat.  


"Get curious about the nutrients – as well as unwanted additives – in all the food you eat." 

Can't tell your macros from your elbows? Read nutrition labels, and remember you can scan barcodes in Senza to see the breakdown of protein, carbs, and fat. Also check the ingredient list for hidden forms of sugar and other chemicals that may cause blood sugar spikes and inflammation, even when advertised as low-carb.  


"Focus on foods you already love!" 

Avocado, olives, chocolate, nuts, butter, cream, cheese, steak, bacon, tuna, ribs, berries, leafy greens... All of these foods, and many more, have a place in the well formulated keto diet. Enter Top100 in the brand search box in Senza, and you'll see a wide range of whole foods that are low in carbs and deliver essential nutrients to your body.


"Let us do the shopping, so you can go keto without the stress."

All of a sudden, food shopping got really weird: Armed guards, empty shelves, long lines, and everyone wearing masks. When you try to order online, inventory is spotty, deliveries delayed. If only there were a way to get help from someone who understands your way of eating! Launching soon, the Keto-in-Place membership program is our way of keeping you out of the stores and on-track with your wellness goals. We'll connect you with a dedicated Power Shopper, who:

  • helps to plan your meals
  • shops according to your preferences and budget
  • finds local and sustainable options whenever possible
  • delivers keto food to your door once a week
  • follows our strict hygiene protocol at all times 

We can't imagine a better service to roll out for our local keto community right now. What do you think? Learn more and sign up, or contact us with questions at