The Story of Senza

Senza is the result of a decade-long search for better health. At first, we looked in all the wrong places, until we learned some hard truths about:

  • The root causes of chronic illness and metabolic dysfunction
  • The way incentives are misaligned across our food, healthcare, government and pharmaceutical systems
  • And what the human body really needs to thrive

Eventually, we took matters into our own hands and began to change the way we eat. After months of asking questions and digging into unconventional answers, we started to see results and felt a whole lot better. And then, of course, we wanted to share what we had learned.

Keto isn’t the only way to recover your health, but in our experience, it is the most measurable one. Senza became the first dedicated keto app to combine verified net carbs with time-based logging, a directory of keto-friendly meal ideas and digital health coaching – all for free. What began as a passion project to help our friends and family go keto has touched the lives of more than half a million people.

Senza App Journal and Feed

Today, Senza is a food inspiration app that provides accountability for tracking lifestyle changes. Beyond the digital world, we have personal shoppers who are planning meals and coaching clients to better health. Meanwhile, we are building the foundation for a decentralized food system  one that will restore human health and foster authentic social connections, one community at a time.

Why a new food system?

One thing we've learned from this journey is that the human body needs 43 essential nutrients to thrive. These nutrients come from about 100 basic foods; not from mass-produced mono-crops, not from industrial feedlots, and certainly not from cheap processed carbs.

The big food system that's evolved over the last 60 years is all wrong. It's unhealthy, fragile, and not sustainable; yet every participant is locked in, making it an unfixable problem. We believe the only solution is to start over with a small-scale system built around real foods and the current understanding of nutrition science.

Big Food System

Change is difficult, but if there is a silver lining to the disruption the world has experienced in recent years, it is that entrenched food habits were upended. Suddenly, we stopped eating out, changed our shopping routines, cooked more at home. The hardest part of establishing new patterns is in motion. Imagine if we seized this moment to restore human health for all. 

We are on a mission to create a new food system that is resilient, sustainable, and biologically appropriate, so that food can fulfill its true purpose of connecting people to one another again. Contact us to get involved. 


- Nikki & Paul