Meet Our Team

We are a small but mighty group, ready to guide the way to a healthier you! 

Kim Roy | K.Ro Keto Coaching

Health Coach Kim Roy | Senza Keto Coach

Coach Kim lives the keto life, just like the people she advises and supports. She discovered keto for herself in 2017, around the same time that Senza debuted in the App Store. After experiencing health improvements, she became certified as a Keto and Intermittent Fasting coach, so she could help clients professionally. Kim has been a top contributor of recipes, meal plans, and good vibes in the Senza community ever since. Learn more about her approach and her work in this Q&A on The Planet Keto Blog: Coaches Corner: Meet Kim!

Karlie Mountjoy | Root Holistic Nutrition

Karlie Mountjoy | Senza Keto Coach

Karlie is a nutrition specialist with broad experience applying naturopathic principles to family medicine. She received a Masters in Naturopathic Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2017.

An aspiring gardener and avid trail runner, Karlie focuses her private practice on performance nutrition for female endurance athletes and optimal women’s health. For the Senza community, she creates nutrient-dense meal plans, suggests amazing new paleo/dairy-free recipes each week, and helps our new and experienced app users fine-tune their approaches to keto. Follow her @root.holisticnutrition.

Idalia Pritt

Idalia Pritt | Senza Keto Coach

Idalia believes that food should make you feel good. She joined the Senza coaching team in 2022 to provide in-language content, coaching, and support to our Spanish-speaking community members. (See Ayuda en Español for FAQs in Spanish.)

She also contributes to Senza's social channels on Instagram and Facebook and curates recipes for the Keto Onramp channel in our mobile app. Idalia has a degree in Exercise and Wellness from BYU and previous experience teaching as an indoor cycling instructor. She loves to create and share healthy recipes on her lifestyle blog @idaliafpritt.

Olyveya Mazier 

Carnivore Coach Olyveya | Senza Keto Fasting Coach

Olyveya is a true health seeker with experience following and helping others to learn about the carnivore-based ketogenic diet. She is a ballet dancer and instructor who discovered carnivore as a strategy for her own health and wanted to share what she'd learned with others. She joined Senza in 2023 as a health science researcher, project manager, and social content contributor. She also shares articles, tips, and recipes to our community via the Keto Onramp channel. Check out her recipe reels @senzatime on Instagram or TikTok!

Nikki Goth Itoi

Coach Nikki | Senza Keto Coach

As a Senza cofounder, Nikki manages the Senza team and publishes Fix the Food, Senza's e-newsletter publication. She oversees content presented in the Senza app, on The Planet Keto Blog, and across our social channels. 

A writer and strategic communications consultant, Nikki has more than a decade of personal experience following various low-carb/whole food ways of eating - including paleo, keto, and the autoimmune protocol (AIP). She dabbles in container gardening and loves to seek out local specialty ingredients. As mom of two teens, she spends a lot of time in the Senza test kitchen, reinventing old favorites to be both keto-friendly and kid-approved.


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