Nutritionists, Coaches, Chefs and More!

Meet some of the independent practitioners and wellness gurus in our extended keto community, who also know their way around the Senza app for keto and fasting: 

Kim Roy, Keto & IF Coach, K.Ro Keto Coaching

Kim Roy Keto Coach

If you are looking for an incredibly supportive and compassionate health coach who specializes in both keto and intermittent fasting, reach out to Kim. She is a pro at helping clients overcome weight loss setbacks and break through plateaus. Kim is a frequent contributor of demos, tips, and recipes in the Senza community and she was our very first follower on Instagram. Join her 4 Week Keto Health Reset Challenge for a little extra motivation. Follow Coach Kim on Instagram @kim.runs.keto.

Patricia Daly, Registered Nutritional Therapist, Keto for You

Patricia Daly Therapeutic Ketosis
As an internationally recognized nutritional therapist, Patricia offers individual keto consultations, as well as online learning programs for beginners and other practitioners. We first met Patricia early in our journey with Senza and wanted to support her important work in helping cancer patients learn about and practice therapeutic ketosis. Her inspiring personal story of treating cancer with a combination of orthodox and alternative strategies is a must-read. We collaborated to bring her Keto for Beginners program into a member's only area of the Senza app. Patricia's published keto recipes, available on her website and in The Ketogenic Kitchen printed cookbook, are an excellent resource for people following a therapeutic ketosis approach and also helpful for anyone new to the keto way of eating. Patricia posts on Instagram occasionally @patriciadalynutri.


Eric Power, Keto Coach, MrLowCarb

Eric MrLowCarb Keto Coach

Eric has experienced an incredible health transformation since discovering the keto way of eating. He has lost more than 200 lbs and improved a long list of biomarkers. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic keto ambassador. He shares recipes, tips and methods on his personal Facebook page @ericsweightloss and also has started a coaching site under @mrlowcarbketo, where he offers 1-1 guidance. Eric has built an extensive friend network within the Senza app and occasionally shares recipes and comments with his followers. Tap the Senza support button and ask to be connected to him! Eric also is on Instagram @mrlowcarb.

Tricia Petzold, MD, Pinnacle Health

Dr Tricia Petzold Pinnacle Health
Dr. Petzold is a family physician certified in functional medicine. She teaches integrative and culinary medicine at the University of Utah. Her interests are in understanding the whole person, identifying why someone is having symptoms and using lifestyle and culinary medicine to optimize health. Sign up for one of her eight-week anti-inflammatory programs (virtual), or an individual consultation (in-person or virtual). We met Tricia through a shared passion for ski touring and mountain adventures, and we have come to appreciate her deep understanding of how the body works and gentle way of making suggestions for optimal long-term health. Contact Dr. Petzold at


James Miller, RDN, Restorative Nutrition

James Miller Restorative Nutrition GAPS Diet
James is a registered dietitian nutritionist who was an early member of the Senza coaching team before he became a certified GAPS practitioner and owner of Restorative Nutrition, LLC. Exceptionally thoughtful and caring with clients, he now specializes in using the Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) Diet protocol to treat a wide variety of conditions including depression and anxiety, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, as well as autoimmune disorders and allergies (both food related and non-food related). Follow James on Instagram @restorative_rdn.


Karlie Mountjoy, MScN, Root Holistic Nutrition

Karlie Mountjoy Root Holistic Nutrition
Karlie is a holistic nutritionist, as well as one of our current Senza health coaches. Based in Logan, UT, she specializes in performance nutrition for female endurance athletes and optimal women’s health. Learn more about Karlie's role at Senza and follow her on Instagram @root.holisticnutrition.


Madisen Smith, MScN, "The Gut Goddess"

Madisen Smith Gut as Guide Wellness
Madisen runs a private practice focused on helping women heal from IBS, SIBO and digestive issues. She is a wealth of knowledge about food quality, health supplements, and the carnivore way of eating. Learn more about Madisen's background and approach to gut health by following her on Instagram @the.gut.goddess.


Michael Gjenvick, RDN,  Chef & Dietician

Chef Michael Gjenvick

A classically-trained chef, avid gardener, and registered dietitian nutritionist, Chef Michael is the creative force behind many of Senza's gourmet keto recipes, such as Grilled NY Strip with Garlic Thyme Butter and Creamed Spinach. He has true passion for cooking with ingredients that nourish both mind and body. Presently, Michael is a private chef serving the local community in Steamboat Springs, CO. Follow him on Instagram at @michaelgjenvick.

Rachel Gregory, CNS, RG Fit

Rachel Gregory CNS MetFlex Life

Rachel helps people optimize their physical and mental wellbeing as they work toward long-term health and fitness goals. Based in San Diego, CA, Rachel is professionally certified as a nutrition specialist and athletic trainer. Her small group classes and 1-1 services are known to produce results. Best of all, she co-authored one of our favorite keto cookbooks, The 21 Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge. You can follow Rachel on Instagram @rachelgregory.cns.

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