Keto Lifestyle Milestones

Thousands of people in the Senza community have earned our celebratory fridge magnets to recognize their achievements on the way to establishing a keto lifestyle. How many of them have you collected so far?

Running on Ketones

You've transitioned into the metabolic state of ketosis, and your body is learning to burn fat for energy instead of sugar. Great start! 

Keto Milestone Magnet | Senza Keto App

One Month Ketoversary

You've logged 30 or more days under your net carbs limit. Your body is becoming fat-adapted! 

One Month Ketoversary Milestone Magnet | Senza Keto App

 100 Days of Keto

The scale is moving, and keto is starting to feel sustainable. You've got this!

100 Days of Keto Milestone Magnet | Senza Keto App

Master of Intermittent Fasting

You've added daily fasting to your health routine, using Senza's built-in fasting timer to track your fasting windows.

Master of Intermittent Fasting | Senza Keto App

One Year of Keto

You're setting realistic goals, cooking great food, and feeling your best. The keto lifestyle is working for you!

 365 Days Keto Milestone Magnet | Senza Keto App

Goal Weight Reached

You've reached your first target weight, way to go! What changes have you noticed aside from the scale?

Reached Goal Weight Keto Milestone Magnet | Senza Keto App

Senza 500 Club

You're a Keto Guru now, welcome to the 500 Club! This is the time to share your experience with others and help them discover the benefits of eating well. 

500 Club Keto Milestone Magnet | Senza Keto App

Senza Hall of Fame

We had to create a new design for those in the community who've logged more than 1,000 days of keto. This truly is something to celebrate!

Hall of Fame Milestone | Senza Keto App

Keto Window Stickers

Do you have a favorite restaurant that serves keto-friendly foods? As part of our Keto Radar program, we've created window stickers for businesses to let their patrons know that they support this way of eating. Message us in the app to request a few to hand out, wherever you go!

Keto Window Sticker | Senza Keto Radar

Keep Calm and Keto On

Sometimes you just need a friendly reminder to hold the course. #KCKO

KCKO Keep Calm Keto On | Senza Keto App

Senza & Planet Keto

Just for fun, we include these magnets with every order that ships from our Planet Keto store. Use them to display a printout of your weekly meal plan on the fridge.

Planet Keto Magnet | Senza Keto App 
Senza Keto Magnet | Senza Keto App


All of these keto milestone magnets are available to purchase from the Planet Keto store, or message us in the app with the milestone you've hit and we'll be happy to send one to you.

What other keto milestones would you like us to commemorate with a custom-designed magnet? We're open to new ideas!

All of our custom fridge magnets have been printed by the creative team at Sticker Mule.