Sunday Survey Results | Keto Infographics

Every so often on Sundays, we run a poll in the Senza feed to discover how the community feels about trending health topics. These "Sunday Surveys" are a fun way to engage with our keto-minded audience, and the answers help to shape our future content. Below are the results to some of our latest Sunday Surveys:

Which mental health benefits have you experienced as a result of being keto?

How would you rate the quality of your sleep on average?

How do you do keto coffee?

What motivated you to try a ketogenic diet for the first time?

How do you overcome a weight loss stall?

Which prepared meal service have you liked best for following a ketogenic diet?

What's your approach to alcohol while following a ketogenic diet?

How do you use the Senza Food Journal?

Which kind of grain-free flour do you like best for ketogenic baking?

What questions would you like to see us field next? Send your ideas to