The Sunday Surveys of 2020

Senza’s keto polls are an interactive way to share and learn from our collective experiences. Here’s a round-up of the topics we covered in 2020. Send us your ideas for surveys to run in the new year!


NSV Time

What non-scale victory (NSV) - any positive change other than weight loss - have you experienced since starting keto? So many life-changing health improvements were mentioned, we had to create a word cloud and a slideshow to capture them all!

Senza Keto Poll | NSV


Favorite Keto Sweeteners

Stevia edged out monk fruit, followed by erythritol; some keto'ers said they take a pass on any of these options, and allulose got just a few of the remaining votes:

Senza Keto Poll | Alternative Sweeteners


Keto Advice

What's one piece of advice you wish someone had told you before you started keto? Salt your food... Don't stress... Bacon is kind of expensive... this was some of the heartfelt advice shared across the Senza community:

Senza Keto Poll | Keto Advice

When do you talk about keto?

  • Every chance I get
  • Only if they ask
  • Never

Senza Keto Poll | Talk about Keto

Senza Keto Poll | Keto Talk


What keto food did you stock up on this week? 

As the pandemic unfolded, we faced unexpected shortages. Senza's community wisely stocked up on protein. Our favorite response of the bunch:

Fish, Deer, Elk


Senza Keto Poll | Keto Food


How do you cook bacon?

We'll take our bacon any which way it comes, but for most Senza users, the stovetop skillet is the way to go. Interestingly, there were no votes for air fryer or microwave; oven-baked came in a distant second:

Senza Keto Poll | Bacon

Favorite Keto Food Swaps

Cauliflower Rice and Zoodles were voted most popular Keto Food Swaps. Plus, many creative ideas to replace pasta, rice and baked goods:

Senza Keto Poll | Food Swaps



Which macro-nutrient is top-of-mind for you right now?

For most of the Senza community, learning how to eat very low carb was the top priority back in the spring. But almost 20% had moved along the journey to fine-tune their protein and fat intake for optimal results:

Senza Keto Poll | Macro Focus


What's the next thing you want to learn to cook?

As we settled into long weeks of quarantine, the Senza keto community was getting ready to tackle some tasty new dishes.


When do you plan meals?

When it comes to planning what to eat, most of us were winging it during the pandemic. Flexibility was key to cooking at home, day after day. 

Senza Keto Poll | Plan Meals

Which hot sauce do you prefer?

Frank's Red Hot won the hot sauce wars, in a most decisive vote!

Senza Keto Poll | Hot Sauce


How long do you plan to do keto?

It was amazing to see 48% of the Senza community committed to reaching a goal, while 37% were staying with keto for the foreseeable future.

Senza Keto Poll | How Long

Kitchen Essentials

What's one kitchen appliance or gadget that you could not live without right now? "The pressure cooker is saving my life every day!" These are the appliances and gadgets that Senza users appreciate most:

Senza Keto Poll | Kitchen Gadgets

How do you feel about cheat days?

One-third of Senza users plan higher carb days with intent, while the majority accepts occasional slip-ups as an inevitable part of the journey. We say, go with what works best for you!

Senza Keto Poll | Cheat Days

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Here are some of the things our community was looking forward to as we rolled into summer 2020:

Senza Keto Poll | Summer Plans

How do you do coffee? ☕️

How fun it was to learn how the keto crowd feels about coffee: Three cheers for cream... and we love it plain, bulletproof and many other ways too!

Senza Keto Poll | Coffee


How do you feel about fasting?

This survey generated a record number of responses. A majority of the community already had discovered the powerful combo of keto and fasting, and many were curious. To learn more about fasting, see "The Basics of Fasting with Senza."

Senza Keto Poll | Fasting


Who does keto with you?

More than half of Senza users practice solo keto, while one-third do keto with a family member.

Senza Keto Poll | Who Does Keto with You

What's one new food you've discovered since going keto?

So many new foods discovered since going keto: Avocado, cauliflower, almond, radishes top the list, but lots of interesting foods were shared.

Senza Keto Poll | New Foods


Have you ever not eaten a food because you didn't want to log it?

75% of respondents said they've chosen not to eat a certain food to avoid having to log it. The remaining 25% are not influenced by the pressure of the food journal.

Senza Keto Poll | Log Food


How do you tell when you're in ketosis?

Most of us track NCs to know if we're in ketosis. Many also test with urine strips at first to confirm the body is producing ketones. It was fascinating to see how we all approach keto differently.

Senza Keto Poll | Measuring Ketosis

How is keto trending in your world?

44% of Senza users see keto becoming more popular around them, while 30% report keto is trending about the same.

Senza Keto Poll | Trending

Which ingredient(s) do you avoid?

The Senza community is well aware of the issues with aspartame and wheat. Less understood are problems caused by maltitol, soy and vegetable oil.

Senza Keto Poll | Ingredients

Can you guess the all-time most frequently logged food in Senza?

Fun fact: The Senza community had logged more than 48 million journal entries by August 2020. Here are the top 5 foods of all time:




Where do you buy most of your keto food?

20% of Senza users buy most of their keto food somewhere other than the supermarket. Eating healthy is easier when you avoid in-store advertising and the risk of falling back on old shopping habits.

Senza Keto Poll | Food Shopping

How many times have you started and stopped keto?

Many Senza users are starting keto for the first time. Some will choose keto for life; others will start and stop periodically. There's no one way to go about it, do what works for you!

Senza Keto Poll | How Many Times


How do you order keto burgers?

Ordering keto burgers can feel strange at first, but the Senza community is comfortable asking for "no bun" or "lettuce wrap." Try it next time you're eating out!

Senza Keto Poll | Burgers

Can you guess the longest streak of consecutive days logged in Senza to date?

Not one, but two Senza power users had logged 937 days in a row at the time of this survey! We sent Keto Care Packages to both, as well as to the user who guessed closest.

Senza Keto Poll | Longest Streak

What's your strategy for the holidays?

Nervous about navigating the holidays? You're not alone! See how your keto peers were planning to proceed, and read our tips on The Planet Keto Blog.

Senza Keto Poll | Holidays


What habit do you want to create or change in the new year?

Answers are still coming in for this latest keto poll, and results will be coming soon. 😀


Look for new Sunday Surveys to appear in your Senza Feed most weekends. We look forward to hearing from you!


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