Get Ready for Your First Keto Thanksgiving

If you've recently switched to a keto lifestyle, this first holiday season may stir up a wide range of emotions. Some of us welcome the challenge of adapting the classics, while others dread the inevitable temptations and confrontations that will arise at the table.

Whether you're hosting a keto crowd, or planning to bring one low-carb dish to a traditional celebration, this menu is for you. From gravy and stuffing to a keto-friendly dessert, the Senza Team has prepared keto substitutes for many of your favorite holiday dishes.

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Senza Squash Soup Keto Recipe

Butternut Squash & Parsnip Keto Soup
by Madisen

Make this easy root vegetable puree topped with bacon and fresh herbs to kick off the festivities. View the recipe ingredients and directions, or search the Senza Recipe Box in the app.


Senza Holiday Turkey Keto Thanksgiving Recipe

Roasted Holiday Turkey & Keto-Friendly Mushroom Gravy
by Nikki

Most turkey preparations are low in carbs, but traditional gravy contains flour. We use homemade turkey stock for optimal nutrition and flavor, with almond flour and arrowroot powder to thicken. View the turkey recipe here, and the mushroom gravy recipe here


Senza Cranberry Sauce Keto Recipe

Monk Fruit Sweetened Cranberry Sauce
by Karlie

In this quick side dish, monk fruit extract gives just the right amount of sweetness without the sugar and carbs. See the ingredients and directions here.



Senza Cauliflower Stuffing Keto Paleo Recipe

Keto-Paleo Cauliflower Stuffing
by Myckenzie

There are many grain-free ways to approximate stuffing; this one skips the breading all together and uses cauliflower as the base, with all the essential aromatics you expect to taste alongside the turkey. Find the dairy-free stuffing recipe here.


Senza Mashed Cauliflower Keto Recipe

Mashed Cauliflower "Potatoes"
by Karlie

Roasted garlic cloves add a gourmet touch to this all-important fauxtato side dish. Get the details.



Senza Creamed Spinach Keto Thanksgiving Recipe

Simple Creamed Spinach
by Nikki

Saute fresh spinach, add cream - enough said. Find the low-carb recipe here.



Seza Berry Crumble Keto Recipe

Berry Crumble
by Madisen

Choose your own adventure with this basic mixed berry dessert. See the ingredients and directions for baking here. And if you are viewing this post on your phone, click the button below to add a serving directly to your Senza Food Journal.


These recipes and more are available in the Senza Keto Recipe Box to mark as Favorites and add to your holiday meal plan. As always, you can search by keyword or browse the feed for more ideas. For tips on navigating the holiday season, see our "Keto through the Holidays" post.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our keto friends!

- Your Senza Coaching Team


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