The Planet Keto Blog

  • Your First Week of Keto

    Designed for the keto beginner, this one-week meal plan is a basic set of low-carb foods that just about anyone can make.  
  • Practical Keto Snacks

    If crackers and chips are out, what in the world do you eat between meals after switching to ketosis?
  • 5 Days to Keto

    Senza's built-in Keto Onramp feature guides you through the first few days of your keto journey. 
  • The Basics of Fasting

    Did you know, the Senza app includes a fasting feature to support your journey to optimal health? Learn the basics here.
  • Keto Lingo A to Z

    Learning to speak keto can feel strange at first. Get familiar with the terms below, and you'll have a working vocabulary for the keto way of eating, the Senza app, and lifestyle wellness in general. 
  • Keto Food Shopping List

    The keto way of eating focuses on about 100 whole foods that are low in net carbs and free of harmful chemicals. Here's our go-to list for making the transition to ketosis and sustaining the keto lifestyle.
  • Senza FAQs for the Keto Beginner

    From basic keto lingo to logging your first foods, we've compiled the most common questions from new Senza users for quick, self-serve help.