The Planet Keto Blog

  • 5 Years of Senza

    Looking back, and ahead at the Senza app for keto and fasting
  • Is Your Target Weight Realistic?

    How to set health goals that you are likely to achieve

  • 10 Hidden Features of the Senza Keto App

    Senza has a number of built-in features for power users that can save time and fine-tune your approach to keto.
  • Ayuda en Español

    Preguntas más frecuentas para el principiante keto
  • 8 Keto Foods to Support Your Immune System

    Did you know that over 80 percent of your immune system resides inside your digestive tract? Read on to discover eight low-carb foods that may give...
  • Take It or Leave It?

    If you are hearing lots of talk about supplements that promise to accelerate the transition to ketosis and help you lose weight faster, read on.
  • Smart Food Swaps

    How to satisfy your cravings and replace familiar foods without introducing problematic ingredients
  • 7 Water Myths and Facts

    Coach Madisen digs into the myths and facts around keto and water intake, so you can develop an approach that works for your individual hydration needs.
  • Nutritionists, Coaches, Chefs and More!

    Senza has worked closely with experienced practitioners from day one. Reach out to them for 1-1 health coaching services delivered with the Senza app.
  • Meet the Senza Team

    Senza's keto coaches are here to guide the way to a healthier you!
  • Your First Week of Keto

    Designed for the keto beginner, this one-week meal plan is a basic set of low-carb foods that just about anyone can make.  
  • Secure Your Food Future

    Learn about Senza's Grass Fed Beef Program, featuring Red Angus cattle raised entirely on pasture at Canyon Meadows Ranch.