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The Planet Keto Blog

  • Keto through the Holidays

    Holiday celebrations pose a challenge when you've switched to a keto lifestyle, and everyone handles them differently. Keep these guidelines in mind, and you won't have to abandon your keto way of eating, or miss out on holiday fun! 
  • Get Ready for Your First Keto Thanksgiving

    From low-carb gravy and stuffing to a keto-friendly dessert, this menu features easy substitutes for many of your favorite holiday dishes.
  • The Senza Daily Score Explained

    How closely are you tracking to your keto macros? The Senza Daily Score evaluates your nutrition and fasting to encourage consistency and accountability with the keto way of eating.
  • Keto Lingo A to Z

    Learning to speak keto can feel strange at first. Get familiar with the terms below, and you'll have a working vocabulary for the keto way of eating, the Senza app, and lifestyle wellness in general. 
  • Keto Pantry Makeover

    If you're planning a September health reset, a well stocked and beautifully organized pantry may be just the thing to help you succeed. 
  • Keto Food Shopping List

    The keto way of eating focuses on about 100 whole foods that are low in net carbs and free of harmful chemicals. Here's our go-to list for making the transition to ketosis and sustaining the keto lifestyle.
  • Senza FAQs for the Keto Beginner

    From basic keto lingo to logging your first foods, we've compiled the most common questions from new Senza users for quick, self-serve help.
  • Which olive oils can you trust?

    We live in a time when fake food is rampant, and you cannot trust large-scale anything. Olive oil is no exception.
  • Weekend Read: The Stall Slayer

    In her new e-book, CNS Amy Berger busts common myths around the ketogenic diet. 
  • Spring into Keto

    Spring vegetables finally are becoming abundant in the farmer’s market and grocery stores with ingredients like asparagus, strawberries, peas, pungent onions, and baby lamb. 
  • Cinco de Mayo Menu, and More

    Baja-style carnitas take the spotlight for this week's Keto-in-Place meal plan. Plus, how to make a low-carb margarita for Cinco de Mayo.
  • Keto-in-Place #6 with Kim Rome

    Our next meal plan comes with love and care from Kim Rome of K.Ro Keto Coaching. She has shared nine of her all-time favorite keto dishes.