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  • Which olive oils can you trust?

    We live in a time when fake food is rampant, and you cannot trust large-scale anything. Olive oil is no exception.
  • Weekend Read: The Stall Slayer

    In her new e-book, CNS Amy Berger busts common myths around the ketogenic diet. 
  • Spring into Keto

    Spring vegetables finally are becoming abundant in the farmer’s market and grocery stores with ingredients like asparagus, strawberries, peas, pungent onions, and baby lamb. 
  • Cinco de Mayo Menu, and More

    Baja-style carnitas take the spotlight for this week's Keto-in-Place meal plan. Plus, how to make a low-carb margarita for Cinco de Mayo.
  • Keto-in-Place #6 with Kim Rome

    Our next meal plan comes with love and care from Kim Rome of K.Ro Keto Coaching. She has shared nine of her all-time favorite keto dishes. 
  • Keto curious? Now is the time!

    If you've been curious about keto, now is a perfect time to start. And we'll connect you with a Power Shopper to help.  
  • Keto-in-Place #5 with Rachel Gregory

    This week’s plan features a collection of keto recipes created by Rachel Gregory, Certified Nutrition Specialist and host of the new podcast, MetFlex & Chill
  • Keto-in-Place Meal Plan #4

    Full of fresh flavors and satisfying dishes, these new recipes are the creative work of registered dietitian nutritionist and professional chef, Michael Gjenvick. 
  • Must Watch: Fat Fiction

    A new documentary portrays a bleak picture that will make you very angry and committed to leaving the Big Food system behind. 

  • Keto-in-Place Meal Plan #3

    For our third week of meal planning, Coach Madisen shares some of her favorite recipes for keeping it simple and eating well.
  • Keto-in-Place Meal Plan #2

    Coach James put together this week's Keto-in-Place meal plan. Have fun making six flexible low-carb recipes, including spaghetti squash chicken "pasta" and oopsie roll BLTAs.
  • NEW! Keto-in-Place Meal Plans

    Many of us suddenly are cooking more meals at home, and for more people, too. Even for dedicated home chefs, this "new normal" presents a serious challenge! Keto in Place is our way of helping.